New Construction Specialist

New Construction Specialist
Helps Eliminate the Stress of Building your Home





As a CENTURY 21 New Construction Specialist I guide you through the building experience by passing on my extensive knowledge of the new construction process from start to finish and help you to choose the right, reputable builder for you.  Building a custom home can be a complicated 3-4 month process with quite a learning curve, especially if you are new to it.  My goal is to educate you on the process and help you make informed decisions.

I will go over your plans, discuss budget, develop a package that I will present to a minimum of Three (3) reputable builders who will then make a construction offer to build for you.

We will go over all quotes together and help interpret the data to assist you in making the right decision on who to choose to construct your family’s home.  I will then assist you with the contract process with your chosen builder. Call me to schedule a free meeting to go over this program.





Jason MacKay

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Cell    940-3434